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Recommended list of things and outfit to be taken
for a Kamchatka fishing trip:

    1. fishing tackle,
    2. a bag or backpack for personal things (waterproof for float fishing)
    3. a sleeping bag,
    4. waders or water boots,
    5. footwear for the camp (training shoes or boots),
    6. hygienic items, swimming accessories,
    7. underwear (2-3 sets),
    8. a waterproof jacket with a hood,
    9. a pullover……vest,
    10. sunglasses, preferably polarizing ones
    11. a cap,
    12. a jack light,
    13. jackknife or sheath knife,
    14. gloves,
    15. woolen sockets,
    16. personal first-aid set,
    17. mosquito repelling spray

The things you will take with you for your Kamchatka trip but unnecessary for fishing (clothes and footwear for city excursions, etc.) may be stored in our office.